Judy and Joe Brown are the owners and operators of Garnet Studio. They have had a long fascination with things that come from the earth and their lifelong pursuit is shaping the native beauty of minerals into custom jewels.

Joe’s father was the pit foreman for Barton Mine and Joe worked for Barton’s Mineral Shop during his college years. Judygrew up in Garnet Hill Lodge and collected stones from Hooper Mine throughout her childhood.

Sharing the love of gems (especially the Adirondack Garnet they collected during their years at Barton and Hooper mines), they married in 1971. Their first big purchase was a faceting machine from John Cornwall. They now own 3 faceting machines, 2 cabochon machines and many saws and tumblers!

Judy operated the business for many years while raising four sons.  After Joe retired from teaching, they moved back to North River. Joe is certified in colored stones by the Gemological Institute of America and has more than 30 plus years of faceting experience. Judy is certified by the Jewelry Institute in diamond setting. Judy cuts cabochons and designs and sets the stones in 14K gold and sterling silver jewelry

They enjoy creating unique pieces of jewelry for their customers.  A trip to their shop at the end of Casterline Road is a unique experience.  Joe and Judy enjoy meeting people from all over the world who are looking to take home a piece of the Adirondacks.